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  • How to Build and Maintain a Culture of Compliance

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Culture of Compliance

Creating a “Culture of Compliance" to foster a “Culture of Confidence.”

In today's highly regulated, standards-driven world, organizations across the industry spectrum are facing mounting pressures relating to corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC). To reduce corporate risk and optimize performance, companies must effectively demonstrate compliance with a growing array of regulations, standards and quality initiatives. Finding the most efficient and flexible way to meet this challenge can transform compliance from a burden to a benefit.


Create a culture of compliance




One technology partner. One seamless compliance framework.

Instead of multiple point solutions to address specific needs, IBS simplifies the GRC challenge by providing an integrated, flexible product set that offers greater:

  • Control, with an easy-to-use product set that simplifies management of your company's varied GRC programs and activities.
  • Efficiency, offering a single technology framework that significantly reduces the time, cost and complexity of managing a range of compliance and quality requirements.
  • Flexibility, giving you the ability to change your compliance processes rapidly to keep pace with new and evolving requirements and standards.
  • Consistency, enabling you to more easily establish and enforce consistent policies and processes across the enterprise.

Proven in the real world, the IBS solution leverages 25 years of IBS experience helping enterprises worldwide achieve their complex compliance and quality objectives.



A unified, enterprise-wide Compliance Solution

IBS helps you to create a unified “Culture of Compliance”™ for managing the full spectrum of compliance initiatives across your enterprise, from Finance and Manufacturing to Marketing and Distribution. With a single, powerful, integrated product set, you can now manage every phase of your critical compliance programs.


IBS helps you address each phase of the compliance cycle


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