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Crisis & Risk Management

Crisis & Risk Management

Learn how to protect and enhance business value.


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Enterprise Risk Management Software

Savvy professionals take a strategic, company-wide approach to enterprise risk management, minimizing all risks that can significantly undermine business value. By performing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), companies protect the safety of all their resources, including governance, business processes, operations, and network infrastructure via enterprise manufacturing software.


CompliantPro is a platform for all your risk management goals, including compliance with ISO 31000, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), ISO 17799, ISO 14791, Basel II and AUS/NZS 4360. The software facilitates the rollout of compliance frameworks like OCEG "Red Book" and COSO ERM. Plus, CompliantPro enables integration with all your other compliance and quality processes, fostering true Enterprise Quality Management.


In a recent customer satisfaction survey, 88% of IBS customers reported that their organization's exposure to risk has been reduced! Read More From This Survey


With IBS Enterprise Risk Management Software, you can:

  • Perform comprehensive risk assessments
  • Identify and continuously reassess associated controls
  • Monitor the status and results of all risk assessments and controls
  • Evaluate control effectiveness
  • Integrate risk management with all GRC initiatives
  • Create and track action items, CARs, PARs and meetings from Control Tests depending on the severity and scope of the results
  • Escalate missed deadlines to responsible management
  • Automatically route Risk Assessments and Control Tests to appropriate parties for approval
  • Automatically notify assignees of pending Risk Assessments and Control Tests
  • Have multiple options for securing document access based on individuals, groups or roles
  • Access unalterable audit trails

Our Enterprise Manufacturing software solution is a fully integrated part of our compliance and enterprise quality management software, CompliantPro.


 Risk Management Software Solutions










Different business functions performed the overlapping risk management and Sox-related activities separately, wasting money and effort. 


Resulted in: Failure to see the benefits of a common, integrated system for assessing and managing risk.



  • CompliantPro users realize that when they utilize an integrated risk management system, they lower costs and drive efficiency while mitigating risk for customers, employees and stake holders.




Companies needlessly spend millions of dollars every year responding to extraordinary events they are ill-prepared to handle.  


Resulted in: These unplanned direct expenses came with untold opportunity costs, as employees spend countless man-hours weeding through disorganized documentation and spending time on ineffective firefighting activities, rather than focusing on other priorities.





  • With a system for storing compliance documentation and driving necessary processes, companies transform Risk Management and SOx compliance activities from a burden to a benefit.
  • The implementation of a system that supports the best practice risk management activities does away with the nightmarish all-nighters in the weeks before an audit, and begin maintaining compliance all year long as they proactively manage business risks, saving money and improving their overall risk profile.



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