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Employee Training & Qualification Software

It is vital that your employees receive comprehensive training in their job requirements and their roles in ensuring the quality of a company’s goods and services. This is necessary not only for compliance with regulations like ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, but to minimize the occurrence of human error and to guarantee the delivery of safe, effective products.


IBS Employee Training & Qualification Software provides all the resources needed to develop a rigorous, company-wide employee training program. You’ll feel confident that your employees receive job-specific knowledge that will ensure the consistent execution of your defined processes throughout the company.


With IBS Employee Training & Qualification Software, you can:

  • Define training requirements for job positions, departments, sites and company
  • Integrate with Document Control in order to reflect changes to all documents including Qualification Definitions, Courses, Certifications, OJT, Procedures, Work Instructions, etc.
  • Provide multiple levels of secure access to training documents and records
  • Manage and track employee certifications
  • Schedule courses and training sessions
  • Monitor and evaluate employee performance
  • Accommodate multiple qualification types including Pass/Fail, Pass/Fail with Effectiveness Review, Qualification Waiver, Qualification Expiration and optional Self Acknowledgement Completion

Our Employee Training solution is a fully integrated part of CompliantPro, our enterprise quality management software. 


Before IBS Employee Training Software: Ad hoc training processes meant employees did not get the knowledge necessary to perform their job functions. This led to performance problems everywhere from the shop floor to the accounting department, damaging the company’s productivity, quality standards, and reputation.


After IBS Employee Training Software: Managers can define the necessary qualifications for each position, and schedule mandatory training sessions. Employees get the training they need, and can make fully formed decisions on the job.



Before IBS Employee Training Software: Managers had to ask human resources to dig through their files to retrieve employee information. There were often disparate or incomplete records, and managers often failed to sign off on training sessions, acknowledge certifications, and perform employee evaluations.


After IBS Employee Training Software: All pertinent employee information is stored electronically in one secure location, giving managers easy access to the qualification status of their employees.



Before IBS Employee Training Software: Companies that failed to impart the importance of compliance to their employees struggled to maintain best-of-breed quality processes. When employees did not receive proper instruction in how their jobs affected their companies’ regulatory outlook, they tended not to perform on par.


After IBS Employee Training Software: Managers can schedule mandatory training in quality and compliance for the entire company. When they explain the benefits of compliance, and reward employees for meeting compliance guidelines, they impress auditors and achieve higher standards.