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Assessment Management Software

In the weeks leading up external audits, quality departments spend considerable time and effort organizing documentation in order to demonstrate compliance. Retroactive documentation of processes is costly and ineffective and companies miss opportunities to continuously evaluate and improve their systems.


IBS Assessment Management software helps companies perform painless internal audits, and prepare for inspections and audits by registrars and regulatory agencies through audit management. When companies take a proactive approach to assessing their systems, processes, and suppliers, they drive continuous improvement of business performance.


With IBS Assessment Management software, you can:

  • Schedule, create, and execute internal assessments and supplier assessments online through audit management capabilities. 
  • Create CARs, PARs and NCMRs based on assessment findings
  • Set up a customized workflow that will require users to follow a predefined set of steps for handling assessment findings
  • Create assessment plans so that users can easily evaluate systems, processes, suppliers, risks, etc.
  • Notify assessors of pending assessments and escalate missed deadlines to management
  • Assess the severity and likelihood of business risks, and perform numerical risk weighting


Our Assessments auditing software solution is an integrated part of our enterprise compliance management software, CompliantPro.


 Auditing Software Solutions:









The weeks before audits were a nightmare, with the scramble to organize documentation and ensure processes met compliance requirements.


Resulted In: In the rush to get quality systems up to par, other aspects of quality management were neglected.


Additionally, the retroactive approach to quality inevitably results in loose ends and disparate processes.


  • The auditing software system makes it easy for quality teams to manage and conduct internal and supplier audits to evaluate and improve their quality systems on a timely basis.


  • Consistently assessing quality processes better prepare for audits by registrars and regulatory agencies.


  • Eliminates last minute rushes!





Auditors had to wade through piles of paperwork in order to ascertain that processes were in compliance.

Even when some files were electronic, most companies lacked cohesive systems for storing and updating documents.


Resulted In: Extra legwork and duplicated documentation.

  • Retrieve necessary documentation with a few clicks to demonstrate compliance to ISO assessment requirements and drive continuous improvement.


  • External audits are quicker and less costly.



When internal and external audits generated findings, it was difficult to implement changes that could resolve the issues.


Resulted In: Time-consuming process to identify the root cause(s) of problems. Also challenging to decide on the appropriate course of action.


  • Assessment findings force the creation of appropriate corrective actions


  • Leads to the prompt identification of root causes of problems.


  • Audit management escalation for unresolved problems and required approval of effective solutions significantly improves compliance.



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