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VP, Global Quality, Dana Corp

How Dana uses IBS Document Control

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Although you can use SharePoint to build out your own document management system, it may not be the best system for document control.



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Document Control Software

document management solutionTransform your approach to document control, and achieve sustainable compliance. IBS provides the comprehensive document management software vital to compliance with ISO standards and FDA regulations. Well managed document management systems leads to more efficient business processes and improved product quality.


IBS Document Control Software:

  • Contains Electronic document management capability
  • Provides extensive categorization options to simplify the search and retrieval of documents
  • Integrates with employee training to keep training requirements updated with the latest approved and released document revisions.
  • Permits the creation of documents using plain or rich text
  • Offers workflow processes for document review, approval and obsolescence that can be configured to meet unique customer requirements without programming
  • Allows authors to select delayed or immediate release and optional document expiration
  • Provides automatic notification of document audits
  • Uses Management Escalation to ensure timely document approvals and audits
  • Provides automatic alpha or numeric document versioning
  • Has extensive document numbering options including free form and automatic numbering
  • Uses secure electronic signatures with optional second password capability to meet the requirements of the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11
  • Has multiple options for securing document access based on individuals, groups or roles
  • Integrates with your other compliance processes, including CAPA, assessments, risk management, employee training, customer complaints, and environmental management.
  • Provides unalterable document audit trails
  • Permits the creation on new document types and layouts with the click of a button
  • Offers multilingual capabilities


Our Document Management Solution is a tightly integrated part of our enterprise compliance management software, CompliantPro


 IBS Document Management Software








Companies used a combination of paper-based and electronic document management methods.

Resulted in: Companies lost important documentation, duplicated efforts, and disrupted workflows. 

Valuable man-hours were spent searching for documentation in order to follow processes.

Auditors also waded through piles of paperwork to determine whether they were compliant.




  • All documentation is stored in a secure, password-protected file.
  • IBS Document management software allows users to access the document they want with a few clicks via easy search and retrieval.
  • Auditors appreciate electronic, accessible documents.


Quality documents took valuable man-hours to create, edit and approve. No established document management systems for reviewing and approving documents (i.e., workflow).


Resulted in: Employees got confused about appropriate actions. Weeks or months are wasted distributing documents for approval and waiting for all parties to get back to them.





  • Easily approve documents with IBS document management automated workflows feature.
  • Users simply send documentation to reviewers and approvers from pre-selected groups, such as Quality Managers, Engineers, or Human Resources.
  • When approval deadlines are missed, escalation notices are sent to appropriate management.
  • The document management software system drives document accuracy and expedites document release.


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