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Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)

Today, manufacturing productivity processes of customers and suppliers are merging into a common quality and production system. Only a few hours pass between delivery of a product and installation at the customer‘s premises. Immediate response to installation problems, defective products or change notes is necessary at all levels of the manufacturing execution system. This prevents defects and reduce costs along the entire supply chain.


Delivering the right products at the right time, price and quality are crucial factors of success — especially for automotive component suppliers. Car manufacturers are exceedingly demanding on their suppliers in connection with today‘s standards (ISO/TS 16949, VDA or QS-9000). A computer-aided manufacturing integration system is therefore indispensable to keep you in business.


With IBS Manufacturing Software, you can:

  • Integrate your organization’s ERP and other production systems to provide an exceptionally powerful quality control solution.
  • Support Deming Cycle processes
  • Foster continuous improvement across the organization.
  • Strengthen relationships and processes at every link in the supply chain
  • Customize to meet specific corporate requirements, and supports organizations of any size—from single locations to large, multi-national corporations.
  • Easily expand and deploy with centralized directories and database
  • Support traceability using unique product labeling, allowing users to quickly identify potentially defective products and parts at any time in the product life cycle.
  • Resolve potentially serious issues before they become major customer problems.


IBS Manufacturing Software Solutions










Risks are not assessed effectively during the design and development stages.


Resulted in: Failure to have a complete understanding of product and process risks, and later costly problems in the product life cycle.



  • The IBS system allows users to develop and share FMEAs.
  • Evaluates possible risks associated with products and processes, taking steps to mitigate and avoid them.
  • Product problems less likely to occur. When they do, have less impact on company finances and reputation.




Customer complaints and post-market trends not taken into account during new product planning.


Resulted in: Alienated customers and failure to attract new business.





  • A systematic approach to APQP builds post-market data into new products.
  • Ensures production of cutting-edge products that satisfy customers and entice prospects.



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