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Incoming Goods/Outgoing Goods (IG/OG) Control Software

Inspecting your incoming and outgoing goods is a vital facet of ensuring product quality. Quality assurance management via consistent collection and analysis of data enables manufacturers to identify defects and quickly initiate process improvements. Companies that automate IG/OG processes achieve lower quality costs and greater efficiency.


The IBS Incoming Goods/Outgoing Goods Control Module optimizes quality assurance management through the use of integrated online measurement and data acquisition, accelerating the flow of inspection information. Sophisticated evaluation and analysis tools give a detailed overview of results.


IBS IG/OG Control Software:

  • Combines inspection planning, data collection, and data analysis in a single, integrated, easy-to-use system that can be linked to your ERP system using standard interfaces
  • Tracks inspections in real-time, for faster defect detection and response
  • Automates quality assurance management with dynamic sampling, allowing skip lot inspection and different inspection levels based on ISO standards
  • Features configurable screen layouts and touch-screen capabilities for user-friendly data capturing
  • Produces automated task lists for incoming inspection
  • Links to complex measurement machines
  • Supports Barcode data acquisition
  • Enables disposition reporting to your ERP system (e.g. to material/warehouse management)
  • Allows for automated supplier performance tracking
  • Automatically triggers CARs and NCMRs from specific events like failed inspections
  • Prevents unauthorized deletion and modification of data through user access control

Our IG/OG Solution is a fully integrated part of QSYS Professional, our enterprise quality control software.



 IC/OG Software Solutions










Manufacturers failed to record inspection results in the same place on a regular basis.


Resulted in: Difficulty in consistently catching defects and creating trend data.



  • All inspection data is stored in a centralized, accessible location. 
  • Data collection is automated, and trending is easy with configurable screen layouts and options for several analysis methods.




Time consuming manual inspection methods are the only way manufacturers can identify specific defects in products and materials.


Resulted in: Failure to recognize wider or systemic problems and work to correct them.





  • Consistent trending of data helps users spot bigger problems with products, parts and processes, even across multiple business locations, and quickly formulate responses. 
  • This IBS IG/OG Software system fosters both efficient troubleshooting and continuous improvement.



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