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Closed Loop Quality Management

Is Closed Loop Quality Management what you need? Watch this 3 minute video to find out.



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Quality Control Software

Effective quality assurance quality control is critical for building safe products and attracting loyal customers. Yet manufacturers struggle to eliminate product defects and continuously improve process control while driving down product quality control costs.


IBS Quality Control Software is an integrated solution for all your production quality control challenges. The software enables management of all your shop floor processes, and smoothly integrates with your other manufacturing systems, helping you save costs and reduce time-to-market.


In a recent customer satisfaction survey, 70% of IBS customers reported that they saw measurable benefits in less than 6 months after implementing the system! Read more from this survey


With IBS Quality Control Software, you can:

  • Implement Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) production quality control for early detection and avoidance of potential product and process control failures
  • Perform effective incoming goods/outgoing goods quality assurance quality control production process
  • Create and execute inspection plans
  • Inspect and calibrate machinery and gages
  • Perform statistical process control, with real-time defect identification and documentation for production runs of any size
  • Address customer concerns and complaints


Get more information about QSYS Professional software for quality control.


IBS Quality Control Software Solutions








Manufacturers identify specific product and material defects via manual inspection methods.


Resulted In:  Frequent failure to recognize and correct systemic problems.


  • Consistent trending of data helps users spot problems and quickly formulate responses with products, parts and processes, even across multiple business locations.
  • This enables efficient troubleshooting and continuous, long-term improvement.


Advanced production quality control planning processes disorganized.


Resulted In: Companies failed to adequately evaluate and control risks.


Companies also ill-prepared for product defects that occurred during manufacturing and after shipment.

  • The Quality Control Software System has advanced capabilities for creating and performing failure modes effects analysis.
  • Users calculate RPNs based on the likelihood, severity, and ability to detect process and product failures.
  • They can create control plans for mitigating calculated risks, and are prepared for problems on the shop floor.



No automated reminders for upcoming deadlines.


Inconsistent gage management and preventative maintenance processes present.


Resulted In: Failure of manufacturers to perform regular calibrations.


Audit findings and undetected flaws in machines cause product quality problems.


  • Quality Control Software sends out automated alerts about upcoming scheduled calibrations and preventative maintenance, and escalates them to the recipient’s supervisor when deadlines are missed.
  • Manufacturers perform regular, efficient calibrations and maintenance, enabling them to maintain compliance and production quality control.


Manual SPC methods


Resulted In: Difficulty in transforming data into actionable information.


Ad hoc analysis methods rarely effective, and companies fail to identify product problems, pinpoint root cause, and move to correct systemic issues.


  • The system’s intuitive, user-friendly options for analysis made it easy to track data, identify problems, and propose long-term solutions.
  • Various methods of data capturing make it easy to present key metrics to management.  


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